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Who am I?

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Hi, I am Philomene

Slowlife Guide

I have been practicing a slow living lifestyle for years.

I am passionate about anything I can create with my hands, as well as cooking, gardening and well being. Today I share with you all the precious informations I’ve learnt throughout the years. I give you the shortcuts so that you can also start to slow down, take care of yourself, your community and the earth. 

Je pense que c’est important de partager ses connaissances et savoirs mais aussi d’accompagner sa communauté dans son cheminement. 

I am keen to get to know you and find out how I can help you to transform your everyday life and your way of engaging with the world.

We all have our own path to follow and my journey won’t be the same as yours. Nevertheless, I can ease your transition so that you don’t have to spend hours in trainings or reading books, like I did, in order to achieve the changes you seek.

My goal is to simplify and lay out an easy path for you to follow. You will quickly be able to adopt new practices that will give you successes in order for you to ultimately evolve into a more serene, sustainable and mindful lifestyle. 

It took me many years to get where I am now and I would like to give you my hand and show you all the easy options so that you can also move forward.

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My goal is to help you find your easy path so that you can evolve quickly towards a more serene life that is also respectful of the environment.

my Path

A life full of Learning and Meaningful Encounters

I am French, I grew up in Brittany but I moved out of France when I was 19 to study in England. During my time at university, I got the opportunity to study in Bristol, in the South of England.

I believe this was my first experience realizing that an alternative lifestyle was possible. At that time, I started to buy fresh vegetables at local produce shops (with a very limited budget), eat more healthy food. I was mainly interested in the extensive and alternative art scenery that was available there. I was only 22, but this is when I understood that living differently was possible.

The eight years that followed were a lot more intense, I lived in cities like London and Paris where I had to be very creative to find a way of living and consuming that was aligned to my core values.

At that time, nobody was talking about the impact of packaging and my main priority was to eat organic fresh food. I used to go to farmers’ markets every week and I spent a lot of my weekends cooking. All of this, so that I could have some good food, ready to eat, during my busy weekly schedule. 


I then moved out of Paris, with my family, to live five years in Berkeley, California, U.S.A.

These five years have been a real pivot for my personal development. I was immersed into a city that was a pioneer into ecology, wellbeing, respect of others, kindness and anything alternative one could think of.

I met some wonderfully inspiring people, full of knowledge, wisdom and experiences, coming from every part of the world.

This is when I started to go a little further, quite naturally. I started to reduce my waste, to limit my meat consumption, I discovered new ways of taking care of my body and healing it and I also learnt to nurture my relationship with others.


A few different aspects led us to leave California and we came back in France in May 2017.

Since we moved to Brittany, I have kept on moving towards that path, learn to have a more respectful life, improve my way of consuming. I have made a priority of living a life that has a minimum impact of the environment. I pay close attention to have a positive influence on my community and to take care of my family without putting myself in the background. I can also be my priority, even if looking after the livings is also important to me.

I started to learn about permaculture around the same time as we bought our small farm and it strongly resonated within me. I kept on wanting to learn about all sorts of subjects like herbalism, fermentation, gardening, pottery, knitting, embroidery… These last six years have been dedicated to learning and practicing. 

Being also a homeschooling mama, I put into practice the principles I am teaching to my kids.

Learning from everything, all the time.

Am I at the end of what I want to implement and learn today? Absolutely not.

Has my journey towards a sustainable and respectful life come to an end? No.


I still have lots to discover and improve. And this is what is great about our lives, we get the opportunity to constantly outdo ourselves and always learn from our experiences to do better.

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Open your mind and make it Possible

Join me and make your first steps towards your new life. A life in which you will take care of yourself, your loved ones and the Earth.

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