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A Touch of Creativity to Change Everything

The Membership


Regain control of your life to be able to take meaningful actions

It is the perfect time for you to adopt a lifestyle aligned to your human and environmental values .


You will learn to take the time to recharge your batteries and find the energy to finally put in place the changes necessary to improve your daily life, your relationships within your family and have a positive impact on the world.

Portrait Philomène Cauchois

Take care of yourself, your loved ones and the earth

You will learn to prioritize and put space in your daily life to feel more peaceful and fulfilled.

You will discover good practices for having a healthy, diverse and balanced diet that will have a minimum impact on the environment.

You will be guided to nurture rich and deep relationships in your busy daily life.

Take Care of Yourself

Take Care of Yourself

Learn to find and practice nurturing activities, find ways to nourish yourself deeply in order to feel calm and available

Strong Relationships

Strong Relationships

Strengthen your relationships with your family, your loved ones but also your wider community

A Sustainable Way of Living

A Sustainable Way of Living

A thoughtful way of consuming that takes into account the various social and environmental impacts

A Healthy Diet

A Healthy Diet

Implement a rich, diverse, balanced and local diet into your daily life

Portrait Philomène Cauchois
Portrait Philomène Cauchois
Philomène jardinage

A friend with experience and useful resources to guide you with kindness in this transition

I have been moving towards a more ecological and sustainable life for over ten years.


I am a very creative person, I have extensively explored and experimented with cooking, herbalism, gardening but also textiles and well-being my entire life.


Sharing my knowledge and helping others to learn are part of my fundamentals values. 


I really want to be there for you and show the way with empathy, kindness and patience

A detailed, easy-to-follow path, one step at a time​

A Touch of Creativity to Change Everything equips working mothers who feel constantly rushed and overwhelmed, to slow down, cultivate their creativity and feel inspired, enabling them to lead a meaningful and sustainable life that makes a positive impact on the environment. Community, creativity and an ethical and sustainable lifestyle are the core values of this program.

Growing Path Simple version

Easy-to-use content to quickly get results

In A Touch of Creativity to Change Everything membership, you will find every single month some valuable inspiring content on various themes to explore.

Each week, you will have access to challenges, recipes, tutorials and easy exercises to take the step forward towards the changes you want to put in place in your daily life.

Finally, a monthly call will be organized with the community to discuss together any difficulties encountered and see how to overcome them.

Some Ready to Use Ressources

To help you save time and achieve results easily

A Caring Community

To discuss freely and support each other in this transformation

A Path Designed for You

So that you can move forward at your own pace and concentrate on your priorities and needs

A Sustainable Life

A common goal: to progress into a more ecological and sustainable lifestyle

Portrait Philomène

A low price membership full of valuable content to have a big impact on your life

Some helpful tips for you to be able to have a thoughtful, sustainable and quality way of consuming, making sure it still fits within your budget.


A lot of time saved by not having to research and evaluate each subject individually.


A defined path to be efficient and move forward serenely, one step after another.


A well-organized, localized library of knowledge you can access when you need it.


All the tools and support that will allow you to appreciate your life, as it is, without having to seek to have more or go to the other side of the world to be happy and recharge your batteries.


You can adopt a trendy and healthy diet at a low price, at home, every day!



By joining now, your monthly or annual rate will never increase (as long as you remain a member of course).

Join the membership and its community to start your new life now

Once you are a member, I will give you a little guided tour within the platform so that you can quickly find your bearings and identify the content that will help you take your first actions.

You will be able to immediately exchange with other people who are experiencing difficulties similar to yours and see how they have managed to overcome them. You will have taken the first step in your transformation towards a richer, more creative and sustainable life.

If you have any question, please contact me by email:

I’m also available on Social Medias 

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The membership is currently closed but join the waiting list to be the first to know when it reopens its doors.

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