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A Touch of Creativity to Change Everything

Nurtured and inspired to live a more natural life

You are constantly rushing, feel overwhelmed, exhausted and out of alignment, I help you to to get back in touch with yourself, cultivate your creativity, and feel inspired to build meaningful impactful lives for yourself and the environment

Every week, I share my experience, my thoughts and the tools that I use in my newsletters and on Social Media.

A Touch of Creativity to Change Everything is also an immersive 8-week experience that opens its doors a few days a year, where I help women go even further in their quest to live a healthier, more natural and meaningful life.

Some clear directions, simple exercises and a lot of ideas to adopt a fulfilling, healthy life that also takes care of the environment.

One step at a time, I guide my members to endorse their core values into their lives.

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The avantages of the Course

A platform where you will find a lot of inspiring content  as well as a caring and supportive community to help you move forward towards your dream life.

Some Ready to Use Ressources

To help you save time and achieve results easily

A Caring Community

To discuss freely and support each other in this transformation

A Path Designed for You

So that you can move forward at your own pace and concentrate on your priorities and needs

A Greener Life

A common goal: to progress into a more ecological and sustainable lifestyle


Portrait Philomene Cauchois
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Hi, I amPhilomene

I have been doing my best to live a low carbon footprint life for over ten years now. 

These days I live in a small farm, in Brittany (France), with my family, cats and chickens.

My days are filled with meditation, cooking, sewing, knitting, pottery, gardening, herbalism and many more activities.

My grandma would tell you that I can do everything and she is almost right.

What I Offer

I help you  to live a well balanced meaningful life in which you have a positive impact on the environment

Take Care of Yourself

Take Care of Yourself

Learn to find your nurturing and rejuvenating activities in order to feel soothed and more available to others

A Healthy Diet

A Healthy Diet

Adopt a local, diverse, rich and balanced diet in your daily life

Strong Relationships

Strong Relationships

Reinforce and nourish relationships with your family, your loved ones and your local community

A Low Impact Way of Living

A Low Impact Way of Living

A well thought way of consuming that takes into account the different social and environmental impacts

Come and take your first steps into your New Life

Let me guide you, with care and empathy, into a harmonious life that you will feel proud of

The Newsletter

The Newsletter

In my newsletter, I will:

The Holistic Green Living Experience

The Holistic Green Living Experience

8-week Course

The Membership

The Membership

Take back the control of Your Life Now

Feel slowly, but surely, back in control of your life and feel aligned with your core values

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Receive some Free Easy Nature-Based Activities to do with your Children

Connect with nature and get to spend some great quality time as a family