Live a life you feel good about


What if things could be different?

Do you wish you had better habits?

Made choices that were not only good for your body but also for the planet?

Is it important for you to consume in an ethical and responsible way?

Yet you find yourself stuck because you often lack time, money or energy

You feel you already have so much on your plate that the thought of creating new habits feels overwhelming.

Don’t even get me started on getting the rest of your family onboard

Living a more natural life simply seems to be an unattainable goal for you right now. 

You’d love to live a greener life but you’re not sure where to start.

Would you like a natural life?
Why it matters?

Why it matters?

Now you might be thinking this isn’t the right time for you to try anything new. 


That you could try to implement things when you have more free time, when your life is less hectic, when your professional and family life is less demanding. 


But what if that better time never comes? 


Then you will never get to live a life in which you take care of yourself. 

You’ll never get to experience what it feels like to be healthy and have energy.


You won’t be able to model these strong values to your children either, which means that they might develop some other values that in the long run might be more detrimental to them. 


By never trying to improve your lifestyle and experiment with greener alternatives you might never live a life that truly feels good to you or that you’re even proud of.


Our actions matter, for ourselves, for our families, for our communities and overall for the Earth. 


As the ancient Chinese proverb says: “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

Attempting everything, achieving nothing

Now I understand how overwhelming changing habits can seem.

That means doing lots of research, changing things you are used to, looking through the magnifying glass everything you do and trying to implement new ways of doing things that might not even feel right to your family.

There is so much content out there today, it’s easy to get our heads spinning. So many times we try a bunch of new things, for a short period of time, but in the end nothing sticks and old habits kick in. I get it. I’ve been there. 

In my experience, when this happens, it often comes with exhaustion, shame and even a feeling of failure of not being good enough

Small steps
Small steps to progress

Strive for progress, not perfection

I completely understand how it feels to want to do everything at once and in the end not really doing much in the long run. 

When my kids were tiny, I once committed to a plastic free life. I was pretty rigid about it. 

I was refusing to get anything that had plastic on it and was trying to change everything I owned that was plastic based. 

Now let me tell you how unrealistic it was… My kitchen was full of plastic boxes, silicon molds. 

My kids had many plastic toys that they were simply not willing to part with. And I could go on. 

Wanting to change everything at once not only wasn’t successful but it also added a huge amount of stress and pressure on me.

Let me show you how it can be done

I’ve been on that green and natural lifestyle path for the last twenty years

I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t all sunshine and roses, but along the way I figured out some simple steps to make long lasting progress and finally get to live a life I am genuinely happy with. 

Today I am proud of the choices we make as a family and I know they are keys to thriving future generations on this planet.

Let's create a better World Together

Now ideally we would all love if all food and products in the markets were safe for us to use. 

I do hope that someday, supermarkets will be packed with options that we know and trust what’s in them

But for now we need to open our eyes, get educated, and one step at a time, make some good informed decisions

Gathering this knowledge is time consuming, but I want to share with you all of my shortcuts so that you can easily figure out what next steps to take.

The Holistic Green Living Experience is a unique course that will help you identify all the small things that will make a big difference for your health, your wellbeing and the world.

A process that fits your needs

I know how busy you may feel, and you might even wonder if you can implement any change at this stage. 

I hear you. 

I homeschool my two kids and I run my own business, so being efficient and not losing any time for the unnecessary is my top priority.

You can trust me, I won’t burden you with unrealistic goals. 

In this course, we will cover one topic each week that will teach you how to take small actions toward living a greener and more satisfying life.

True golden results come from taking consistent manageable steps.

This course is designed to ensure you make meaningful progress each week. We will will explore new ways that you are comfortable with and that slowly but surely shape a new life in which you and your family will thrive.

Real Life
Busy life

Easy actions that you can take

This program is for every woman who wants to move forward towards a more natural lifestyle. No matter whether you live in Europe or in North America.

These small changes can be implemented, no matter what your schedule is.

I’ll meet you exactly where you are to help you make progress.

It works for everyone who wants to try

A course that will give you the support You Need

In this 8-week course, we will cover 8 important topics to help you live a natural and green lifestyle.


Each week we will explore a subject, get to understand it, see how things can be improved in our lives and ultimately identify what are the achievable steps that will get you, and your family, to live a healthier and greener life.

I will pass on everything you need to know to be empowered and inspired to try new things and eventually adopt new habits that match you and your family’s lifestyle.

I will give you all the shortcuts so that you can live the life you dream of. I have been on that journey for over twenty years, but thanks to this course you don’t have to.

By joining this course you will also become part of a supportive, encouraging, tolerant and kind community. You will never be alone in this path and will always find someone who is experiencing similar things to talk to when the needs come up.

Helping community

Some help along your journey

This course will give you the tips you need to adopt alternatives that are manageable without burdening you or even adding pressure on your shoulders. 

You will be able to self assess what feels manageable each week and commit to these chosen goals. 

The community will be there for you to be accountable but also to support you when life gets in the way and you need that extra care to go through things.

Easy-to-use content to quickly get results

During this 8-week experience, you will learn:

  • Which cookware are safe 
  • How to make healthy and balanced meals that are pretty and tasty
  • Some safe and eco-friendly options to use for household cleaning
  • Some safe hygiene products for the bathroom
  • How to create some easy and helpful herbal remedies for everyday
  • How to prioritize your selfcare so that you can better show up for others
  • Good practices to adopt when you go on holidays
  • Easy ways you can implement to reduce the amount of waste you produce


You will also have access to a private community that provides the opportunity to engage in real-time honest and supportive conversations with other individuals in the course.

Some Ready to Use Ressources

To help you save time and achieve results easily

A Caring Community

To discuss freely and support each other in this transformation

A Path Designed for You

So that you can move forward at your own pace and concentrate on your priorities and needs

A Greener Life

A common goal: to progress towards a more natural lifestyle

Get to choose your own journey

Now the great thing about the offer I’m making to you today, is that this course will be crafted with your input. I will be able to address your own needs and give you options that are tailored for you and your family. 

That means you won’t have to test out every single product that is on the market or even recipes that you would never have time to reproduce in your everyday life. 

This course will ultimately cut the extensive (and expensive) list of things you could buy to see if it worked and get you to go straight for what will work

You won’t be doing everything on your own, feeling unsure of the outcome, leading to exhaustion and one off experiences. 

No, I will be there with you, making sure you’re on the right track towards your goal.

zero waste shopping
Making yogurt

A different way to do things

Now you might be thinking there is no way I can manage to do all of that on top of my current life. And you’re right, the idea is not to add you more things to handle but to learn new and more efficient ways to do things.

For example yesterday, I spent 5 mins making my own yogurt. You read that right, 5 minutes, and my family can enjoy some plastic free milk yogurt for the days to come. 

I managed to do it whilst the dinner I was making was simmering, with no extra time on my daily routine.

Saturday I will go do my shopping with my cotton bulk bags and glass containers to help limit the amount of packaging I purchase. These containers are always in my shopping tote bags. It requires absolutely no effort on my part. 

And this coming Sunday, I am simply going to enjoy some family time, eat some good food, spend some time outside. Connecting with my loved ones and appreciating my life will be my main priorities.

A Unique Opportunity

So here is the deal:

This course is brand new and I want it to be designed to answer real needs

I’m not interested in making theoretical classes that can’t be applied in real life. I want to help you adopt greener practices that last and for that I want to create my content based on your experience

I am therefore running a beta version of my new course the Holistic Green Living Experience.

You will get 50% off if you register now.

In exchange, I am looking for some honest feedback as we go and some testimonials of the great results you’ll experience. 

This offer will only happen once as the price will go up the next time I offer this course.

As a bonus, you will have lifetime access, to all content of this course and all future course updates without having to pay again.

This is what you can expect

Now let me tell you what will happen when you join the Holistic Green Living Experience.

First you will receive an email with everything you need to know, including a calendar link and an invitation to access the private community.

Then we will have a little welcome celebration. I’ll send you 3 recipes beforehand, so that you can prepare yourself a drink, some crackers and a dip and we can all share an aperitif together, our French way of spending some nice time together.

And during this welcome call, I’ll walk you through what is going to happen during the next 8 weeks so that you know exactly what to expect and how things will happen. 

And of course I will remain accessible by email if you have any questions or concerns:

Welcome celebration
Better Together

Together we rise

I believe that we are better together and make more progress when we share experiences with friends


To make this journey even more enjoyable and rewarding, I’m offering a special discount when you sign up with your bestie!


Sign up with a friend, and you’ll each receive $50 off the course fee. Simply email me with your best friend’s name and email address and I’ll send both of you a coupon for the discount.

A Time Sensitive Offer

Do you want to feel good, healthy and confident about the actions you take? If yes this course is for you!

Take advantage now as registration for this special offer of 50% off is only open until June 11th. After that the enrollment for the course will be closed.

I am not sure when I will open the doors to the course again and it will be at a higher price for sure.

The Holistic Green Living Experience is an 8 week course that is worth over $500.

But you can join it now for only $250.

You could actually spend as little as $200 if you decide to go through this experience with your friend that you know will also appreciate the experience. This is more than 50% off!

$200 for an experience that will empower you with the knowledge and tools you need to live a life that is aligned with your beliefs.



Herbal Remedies
Delicious meal
Portrait Philomène avec forme

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